Template:TRA CharacterCady Baker is a student at The Royal Academy. She is a very romantic girl but sometimes can unintentionally lead people on because of this. She is also a very fun-loving party girl and often sneaks into clubs using a fake ID. Cady also enjoys dancing (she has been taking lessons since she was young and is very skilled), particularly hip-hop and contemporary, and playing video games. She is also heavily involved in the local club scene. Overall she has a laid-back, relaxed, and easy to get along with personality but at times, she can be a bit judgemental or blunt.



  • Cady was originally a sim born in The Sims 2. Her creator slowly developed her as a character before signing her up for the RP.
  • She was named when she was born in The Sims 2, and the character didn't know what to name her. The creator looked around for ideas before seeing the DVD for the film Mean Girls, naming her Cady after the main character.
  • She plays bass clarinet in The Royal Academy concert band, and regular clarinet in marching band (since bass clarinet is a concert-only instrument).