Template:TRA CharacterDakota Isabella wants one thing in life: fame, particularly from fashion design or modeling as those are her favorite things in life. She is a self-titled "aspiring primadonna" and uses her high-school years to cultivate her popularity as a "test run" of sorts for real-world fame. She sings in The Royal Academy's choir and is quite decent, but needs more training to be fantastic, which she refuses to because "I can train myself", and would consider singing as another road to her fame. If you couldn't already tell, she has a diva complex like no other and believes everyone should bow down at her feet, but despite this lack of humility she is not necessarily a bad person; in fact, she is quite friendly towards others and values fairness and equality. Despite being a bit shallow, Dakota can be very articulate and intelligent when she wants to be; she loves literature (especially Greek) in particular. She has an irresistible, charming aspect to her; despite her annoying diva complex, many can't help but at least find her likable.



  • Despite not being very scholarly (with the exception of her interest in literature), Dakota studies and tries very hard in school as she wants to major in Greek at Yale University.