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Not all of the templates work at the moment. For the time being, use the original file (found by clicking on the smilie) and scale to 50px if needed.

Image Template
Durrhurr {{durrhurr}}
Angry {{angry}}
Awesome {{awesome}}
Goofygrin {{goofygrin}}
Doomed {{doomed}}
Hmphsmiley {{hmph}}
Idiotthinking {{idiotthinking}}
Isay {{isay}}
No {{no}}
Ohnoes {{ohnoes}}
Ohserious {{userious}}
Rage {{rage}}
Rawr {{rawr}}
Serious {{serious}}
Shame {{shame}}
Wah {{wah}}
Yah {{Yah}}
Crai {{Crai}}
Fweeheehee {{Fweeheehee}}
Gwah {{gwah}}
Hardcore {{hardcore}}
Ohnose {{ohnose}}
Tooawesome {{tooawesome}}
Urk {{urk}}
AAAH {{aaah}}
Angrymonkey {{angrymonkey}}
Crosseyed {{crosseyed}}
Dancingcat {{dancingcat}}
Dang {{dang}}
Evil {{evil}}
Eyetwitch {{eyetwitch}}
Iloveyou {{iloveyou}}
Leaf Emotions Avatar {{angryleaf}}
Wut {{wut}}
Ohmygawsh {{gawsh}}
Ohmy {{ohmy}}
Shockedcat {{shockedcat}}
Umno {{umno}}
Voodoo {{mojo}}
Yay {{yay}}
Yesyes {{yesyes}}
Darn {{darn}}
Derekshock {{derekshock}}
Fu {{fufu}}
Giggle {{giggle}}
Gross {{gross}}
Heheh {{Heheh}}
Ohflip {{Ohflip}}
Ohjoy {{ohjoy}}
Omg {{omg}}
Orly {{orly}}
Pikapika {{seriouschu}}
Plz {{plz}}
Rly {{rly}}
Umwhat {{umwhat}}
Umyeah {{umyeah}}
Whaaaat {{whaaat}}
Yellowcard {{yellowcard}}
Bye {{bye}}
Ah {{ah}}
Awake {{awake}}
Awesomejob {{awesomejob}}
Awkward {{awkward}}
Awkwardsilence {{awksilence}}
Beaten {{beaten}}
Blahblahblah {{blahblahblah}}
Blush {{blush}}
Boredom {{boredom}}
BringIt {{bringit}}
Burst {{burst}}
Cheer {{cheer}}
Clap {{clap}}
Comeback {{comeback}}
Cough {{cough}}
Coughcough {{coughcough}}
Cryforever {{cryforever}}
Deadserious {{deadserious}}
Demon {{demon}}
Devious {{devious}}
Dhmis {{slowdown}}
Dizzy {{dizzy}}
Eheheplz {{eheheh}}
Embarassed {{embarassed}}
Evilthinking {{evilthinking}}
Excited {{excited}}
Excitedblush {{excitedblush}}
Feelsick {{ill}}
Finally {{finally}}
Flirt {{nosebleed}}
Freaked {{freaked}}
Freeze {{freeze}}
Ghost {{omgghost}}
Graduate {{Graduate}}
Greatjob {{greatjob}}
Guilty {{guilty}}
Handsome {{handsome}}
Headache {{headache}}
Herotime {{Herotime}}
Hi {{Hi}}
Hmmm {{hmmm}}
Hmm {{hmm}}
Hole {{hole}}
Hot Tub {{hottub}}
Hypnotize {{hypnotize}}
Ilost {{ilost}}
Ily {{ily}}
Imsorryplz {{plzforgive}}
Injured {{injured}}
Insulted {{insulted}}
Isee {{isee}}
Itsamiracle {{miracle}}
Iwilleatyou {{iwilleatyou}}
Joyous {{joyous}}
Knife {{knife}}
Lie {{lie}}
Lolsign {{lol}}
Luv {{luv}}
Marching Monkey {{march}}
Misery {{misery}}
Monkey02 {{dance}}
Monkeylove {{monkeylove}}
Monkeyrage {{monkeyrage}}
Moo {{moo}}
Motorbike {{bike}}
Muahaha {{muahaha}}
Mydrink {{drink}}
Nosepick {{nosepick}}
Nu {{nu}}
Omfg {{omfg}}
Omgsocuteplz {{omgsocute}}
Omgwut {{omgwut}}
Onion angle {{angel}}
Onion cold {{cold}}
Onion consume {{consume}}
Onion crud {{crud}}
Onion drunk {{drunk}}
Onion eek {{eek}}
Onion flip {{flip}}
Onion gah {{gah}}
Onion guard {{guard}}
Onion hey {{hey}}
Onion imdead {{imdead}}
Onion lala {{lala}}
Onion monk {{monk}}
Onion notagain {{notagain}}
Onion shout {{shout}}
Onion spit {{spit}}
Onion thank {{thank}}
Pain {{pain}}
Panic {{panic}}
Peace {{peace}}
Petrified {{petrified}}
PichuButtSlap {{taunt}}
Pikaslap {{pikaslap}}
Punch2 {{punch}}
Pwease {{pwease}}
Quadruplefacepalm {{quadfacepalm}}
Ragefull Monkey {{ragemonkey}}
Rampage {{rampage}}
Redcard {{redcard}}
Rejected {{rejected}}
Rest {{rest}}
Sarcasticclap {{sarcclap}}
Scheming {{scheming}}
Scared {{scared}}
Shiftyeyes {{shiftyeyes}}
Shrug {{shrug}}
Shy {{shy}}
Silent {{silent}}
Skip {{skip}}
Sleepy {{sleepy}}
Smarty {{smarty}}
Sneaky {{sneaky}}
Soccer {{soccer}}
Sohot {{sohot}}
Staringmanplz {{interested}}
Stress {{stress}}
Sweat {{sweat}}
Tantrum {{tantrum}}
Tea {{ta}}
Th 083 v2 {{smoldering}}
Tired {{tired}}
Vomit {{vomit}}
Whine {{whine}}
Whistling {{whistle}}
Whyme {{whyme}}
Wind {{wind}}
Woohoo {{woohoo}}
Wooo {{wooo}}
Workhard {{}}
Yesvictoryplz {{victory}}
Xd {{xd}}
Yaha {{yaha}}
Awww {{awww}}
Cry {{cry}}
Cutejoy {{cutejoy}}
Devil {{devil}}
Doublefacepalm {{doublefacepalm}}
Ohdear {{ohdear}}
Oooh {{oooh}}
Restless {{restless}}
Evilgrin {{evilgrin}}
Exitedsmiley {{>u<}}
Facepalm {{facepalm}}
Frustrated {{frustrated}}
Scared {{uhhh}}
Speechless1 {{speechless}}
Troll {{troll}}
Grrr {{grrr}}
Hurrhurr {{hurrhurr}}
Ilickitplz {{yummy}}
Ilikeit {{ilike}}
Imsupersurprisedplz {{needair}}
Insane {{2muchfun}}
Love {{ilove}}
Um {{um}}
Umright {{umright}}
Wutdaflip {{wutdaflip}}
FoolSmilie {{fool}}
Oshajoy {{oshajoy}}
Howdare {{howdare}}