Template:TRA Character Henry Baker is a student at The Royal Academy. He is quite socially awkward, but despite this he is somewhat popular due to being a varisty basketball player (though his skills are medicore despite how hard he tries, he has the last open spot on the team). In his spare time, he enjoys composing trap music and doing art. At times, he can be fake deep/attempt to be poetic and he has a small intellectual superiority complex. He is an honors student and rarely gets lower than an A as he spends a lot of time studying and doing schoolwork. Because of this, he sometimes stresses himself out, and his more relaxed twin sister Cady has to help him loosen up. He is known for wearing tight pants. Template:Profile


  • Henry was originally a sim born in The Sims 2. His creator slowly developed him as a character before signing him up for the RP.
  • He was named when she was born in The Sims 2, and the creator didn't know what to name him. He looked around before seeing his dog, Henry, thus giving Henry his name.
  • He plays sax in the school band and is very good.