This page lists all the RPs on the wiki, sorted by creator.


  • Provide a brief description of the RP (without spoilers if possible).
  • Link the signup blog (if there is one) and the current Part.
  • If the RP is on a hiatus, put "(Hiatus)" by the RP title so people know it is on hold.
  • If the RP is complete, put "(Complete)" by the RP title so people know not to revive it.
  • If the RP is yet to start, put "(Not Yet Started)" by the RP title so people know it has not begun yet. Only do this if the signup blog is open or an admin allows for it.
  • A collaborated RP would be categorized separately, under a heading in which the creators are listed. If Person A and Person B made an RP together, the RP would be under the section of "Person A and Person B". 

List of RPsEdit

Giyeokhae and XyzpdqbgsEdit

[Main RP] The Royal Academy RP (Reboot)Edit

  • Format: Any
  • Signup Blog: Here
  • Current Part: (Not Yet Started)
  • Description: Welcome to The Royal Academy, where 99% of all students succeed in a school where kids are transition to their adult years. The school itself is particularly interesting, having an unique history, unusually bubbly teachers and a diverse range of students. When the next school year fires up and a new superintendent takes rule, things within the school seem to take a turn (magically, mentally and physically). Students are left to question the sanity of the school and what would become of them as they dive deeper into various mysteries, namely a recent murder as well as the supernatural abilities of various kids and adults. 
  • Restrictions:
    • Must be 13+ to join this RP.
    • All student OCs are required to be 14+.
    • Younger/Outside OCs can appear but not in the school as a student.