Template:TRA CharacterMcKayla Isabella is a sophomore at The Royal Academy. Her whole life, she has been an over-achiever; she was always in gifted or AP programs and was an elite cheerleader. She was very social as well, and trying to maintain cheerleading, good grades, and a social life was stressful for her; this, combined with her newfound potential bisexuality following a romantic interest in her friend Courtney Monette, after being exclusively attracted to males previously, has caused her to break under the pressure. She is now heavily involved in the club scene and smokes weed often. She still puts on a Type-A facade to her parents and those around her; they see her nicely dressed, socially active, and getting good grades. However, she is actually going to school high, sneaking out of her room and past bouncers to clubs at night, and bribing Jim Woo into doing her homework to maintain her good grades. She is very social, but a bit stuck-up, and tries to keep a positive attitude. She also has a perfectionism streak which is why she still tries to act like she isn't breaking under the constant pressure she is under.



  • McKayla always wears gold star earrings to remind herself "she's a star".