The Music Program is one of many student affairs offered at The Royal Academy. It is not a sport or a club, although it is very similar.

Music Program: SubsectionsEdit

Instrumental Music ProgramEdit


The orchestra consists of violins, violas, bass, and cellos.

Marching BandEdit

The Marching Band consists of marching instruments as well as colorguard and a dance team.

Concert BandEdit

The Concert Band consists of all concert instruments. There is a wind ensemble (for the most skilled players), intermediate band also known as symphonic band (for intermediate players), standard band (for unskilled players), and freshman band (for freshmen).

Jazz BandEdit

The Jazz Band is an after-school band that plays jazz songs. Auditions are required. Non-band instruments such as bass and piano may join if they audition.

Vocal Music Program (commonly known as choir program)Edit

Glee ClubEdit

The Glee Club is where students sing a capella. Auditions are required and it is an after-school program.

Freshmen ChoirEdit

Freshmen Chour consists of freshmen only.


Choir consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Show ChoirEdit

Show Choir is an after-school program intended for choir members who want to go above and beyond in their student singing career. Auditions are required. Band members may play backup music if they audition.