Hello, and welcome to The Royal Academy's staff page! As staff, we make sure to make everyone's experience comfortable to the best of our abilities! Listed below are all of the staff members and their jobs! Don't be afraid to contact any of us for help! Additional roles are at the side as well!


Bureaucrats are the top of the admin role and as such, can grant user roles as well. Bureaucrats are selected by both founder and admin choice.


Admins are given additional abilities for the website. This role allows them to delete and restore pages/images, lock pages, ban users who break rules and more. With these abilities, admins make sure to keep the website friendly and manageable for others.

  • Cronucon (Ray) [Semi-Active] (CHAT MODERATOR)
  • Icecream18 (IC) [Active] (DISCUSSIONS MODERATOR)

Currently Inactive StaffEdit

Staff FAQEdit

"Can I become a part of the staff?"

To become a staff member, you must meet the following:

✦Must be a part of editing/fixing our wikia
✦Must be active
✦Must be a good member of the community for 2 months (As in, following the rules at all times and lending a hand to those who need it)
If there are less than 2 active admins, a discussion will be held and we will make someone an admin based on if they have met a criteria.

"Someone is abusing their powers! How do I handle it?"

If someone is abusing staff powers, please contact an active bureaucrat and we will demote or ban the person. If bureaucrat powers are abused, a discussion will take place before demotion.

"What does protecting and locking pages mean?"

Protecting/locking pages means that a person who is not an admin cannot edit it (Including outside users. If you feel as if someone will edit your pages without you knowing and would also want to edit it again after it is locked, don't hesitate to notify an admin to lock/unlock the page! Some important pages such as the website's main page is locked for admin use only and will remain as such!

For more questions, contact a staff member or use our forum !